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26 April, 2016

Bo Bo's 50th.

Exhausted as we were from a late night out or an early morning flight, we celebrated as long as we were physically able without collapsing on their couch permanently.   Helene & Bo's very talented friend Mette (who also cooked all of the meals for Mads' graduation nearly 3 years ago now) prepared all of the absolutely phenomenal food for the evening.

We started off with a starter with everything from the ocean followed up with some delicious meat with loads of interesting vegetable sides and a selection of two sauces to douse it it, and finished off with a mouthwatering passion & dragon fruit pudding with chocolate sauce.  As if we weren't all already bursting at the seems, the sweet and the dangerous (for real, I think I had over 10) homemade cookies got passed around along with the never-ending flow of bubbly, wine, and coffee.  Was great to see everyone again and it seemed like Bo really enjoyed his birthday celebration amongst the family.



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