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22 April, 2016

A Danish Getaway

With uni classes finishing and my longing for familiar faces, I thought that a trip back to Denmark over Easter sounded like the perfect idea, at the perfect time.  Since Bo (Mads' sister's long-term partern) rescheduled his 50th., this meant that we could both make it as well!

Needless to say, flying out of Heathrow the day after the tragic and unsettling attacks in Brussels occurred, wasn't the hi-light of my trip as such and having to lie to my Mum over Skype the day before, promising to stay away from largely crowded areas (it's London mah, everywhere is a crowded area :P) such as concerts, football stadiums, Central...(she said nothing about Heathrow!) wasn't any fun either but it would have ruined the surprise!!

Thankfully, everything went as it should airport-wise but I encountered some serious confusion with which carriages of the train went where as it was displayed incorrectly on both the platforms and inside of the train so people had to get on and off with hoards of suitcases, prams, dogs, and children in hand, obviously causing a delay.  I didn't take into consideration that I likely wasn't going to be the only person traveling over Easter and stupidly didn't reserve a seat on the train and ended up moving myself, my two suitcases, and my handbag (that somehow kept getting heavier and heavier) three times before saying f*ck it and just sitting on the steps in the entrance of the train.

Luckily, I managed to catch an earlier train so even with the delay, I was in Odense earlier than originally thought-to-be possible with a smiling Tove waiting anxiously for me at the station.  Went home, enjoyed some fresh bread and Danish cheese, unpacked, got a bit of shut-eye, and enjoyed a low-key movie night with Mummy & Daddy #2.

The day following, I had dinner plans with my girls Louise and Caroline with the potential of a night out in the cards.  Louise cooked us up a yummy dinner while Caro and I looked at hilarious baby costumes and played catchup before diving into the food (and the wine...).  Girl time ended as Louise's new man, Casper, came over, guitar in hand.  All I knew at this point was that I had kinda-sorta met him when we last saw each other on New Year's Eve and that he was studying Jazz at the conservatory in Odense...the latter being enough for me to already give him a thumbs up.  To confirm, I had to grill him on his favourites as he walked through the door.  If you're a fan of Pat Metheny, BB King, & Ella Fitzgerald, we'll probably get along just fine ;)

Louise had, of course (I hate you) mentioned to him that I like to sing.  This meant that following introductions and my quick jazz-based interrogation, he brought it up and asked if I was up for a little jam sesh.  ABSOLUTELY...once I had a few shots of Gin hahaha I've never been musically trained and have essentially no experience properly singing along with live instruments so it was nerve-racking as hell for me but bless him, very cool guy, very patient, and was more than willing to teach me a few basics :) Caro and Louise were just sitting back, enjoying the show :P I think the last time they heard me sing was back in 2i and thankfully they noted the improvements that had taken place over these past few years.

Three bottles of wine, a bottle of vodka, and a bottle of gin later (HOW?!?!??!) we decided that dolling ourselves up a bit and heading out seemed like a great idea since we were officially out of alcohol and not ready to let the night end.  As great of an initial plan as that was, roughly an hour later, Caroline continued on with a mate she met in town and Louise, Casper and I prioritised food over all else and quickly decided that we'd pick up some grub and proceed homewards to watch Brave hahahha I'd just like to ask, how often is it that a group of people can decide on a film that quickly?! Soul-friends.

We woke up far too early considering our bedtime wound up being around 6 AM, had some breakfast and much-needed coffee before Louise was off to a family function, and an unnecessary amount of fear and confusion revolving around Mads' arrival time and overall location of all parties involved cut Casper's and my music lesson short and thrust us all into prep-mode for the big 50th. birthday party later that day.


The wise do say to bring colours that match each other when packing...

laughing so hard someone ends up in tears: √

We can look normal if we want to.
It's just most often that we don't want to.


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