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18 March, 2016

Work Work Work Work Work

My long-lost dream of the perfect pair of Chelsea boots was officially given up when they arrived in Arizona nearly a week after my departure and well-over two weeks delayed.  Instead, finally receiving the refunded money in early February (note: severely unimpressed with American branches of my favourite stores...I ALWAYS, without fail have issues when ordering online when on holiday in Arizona, which makes me look like the most unprofessional shop-a-holic to my ever-frustrated and confused (but beloved) Daddy when I have ZERO issues when ordering from the European-based stores or branches.  Interesting I happened upon yet another sale (what are dreams made of?!) during my search for some more yoga/fitness pants.

The products of my scourging H&M's online sale after already having massively done so with Lina at Fashion Square a little over a month beforehand...I can't help it, the goodies are endless!!



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