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07 March, 2016

With Your Love Nobody Can Drag Me Down

Ole was nice enough to drive me out to Mama's new house, which worked out perfectly since she really wanted his expert opinion on quite a few things as she's pretty much tearing down the inside entirely and rebuilding/doing it.  It is SUCH a stunning house and the drive out to the town she'll live in is so, so beautiful, especially with the nearby lake all frozen over and the snow coating all of the houses and the countryside.  I know it's going to be hands down, the most amazing house once she's finished with it...but damn, there's a long way to go!!  I completely understand why she's feeling a lot of stress and overwhelmed about it but I'm super proud of her for handling it all so well.

When we arrived back at my grandparent's house I got to meet another new, special addition to Mama's life...Einer!  A friend of hers has had him for the past 5 years, since he was a pup, but unfortunately the family couldn't keep him any longer due to health reasons and travel so Mama was blessed with this little love!  He is such an amazing dog, even Morfar loves him!! The biggest cuddle monkey, always very quiet and well-behaved, so far seems to be picking up on new things quickly as well.  I'm so happy for her! Wish I could have one of my own but hey, when the time's right!

When we weren't playing cards, attempting her new Trivial Pursuit, running around at the dentist getting my horrid tooth fixed, or watching NCIS,  I was slowly but surely turning Mother into a Directioner.  Unsurprisingly, One Direction's latest, greatest album "Made In The A.M." was on repeat 99% of the time after following my arrival haha We can add another one to the fanbase ;)

Missed my Mama so having a lot of one-on-one time was always very much appreciated, needed, and missed.  HUG YO MAMAS.

Loads of love,

that face you make when you realise the camera's on you:


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