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21 March, 2016


Now, I'm not a big believer in Valentine's Day.  Single or taken, I think love in whatever form it may take, should be celebrated daily.  I think the idea of having a day to use as an excuse to do something romantic is lovely enough, but largely powered by Capitalism :P

Needless to say, when I arrived home from work early to get ready for dinner with some friends I got a pretty, big, red surprise!! On my desk stood a beautiful bouquet of roses waiting for me as Mad stood smiling in the corner.  I couldn't help it, I cried, for a good 10 min. straight in shock, smiling haha

I texted the girls at work a photograph of what I'd been telling them all day I hoped not to get as I had nothing to give in return, but was given nonetheless as they'd all expected.  Selma's response? "Tell Mads I want one too!"

While we didn't muster up an entire new bouquet of red roses, I thought it might a good idea to bring along a few single roses for Selma and Ricardo, our Valentine's Day dates for the evening, and one for my lovely Sofia who was working the evening shift at Bloom.  They were quite well received haha That's how you spread the love <3

Selma, Ricardo, Mads and I headed off to a French restaurant on Fulham Road that Selma had raved about a few weeks back for some much needed and collectively loved cheese and wine!  Mads and I shared a lovely Mendoza while Selma and Ricardo had a Grisling over two mixed cheese and meat boards and some duck and rabbit with bread.  We each ordered one of the dessert options and considering it was a French restaurant, I can see why the creme brûlée was necessary (mine are better, sorry not competition), the chocolate cake was moist and rich as it should be, and Mads' lemon cake's frosting was to-die for, but the underdog, and last chosen pudding for the night, Selma's pistachio mousse knocked all four of us off our feet!! Definitely having that next time we go there, it was amazing!!!

Ever-so-responsible, we all ubered it back to our homes and were in bed, ready for early mornings at work the following day by 10 pm.

Thank you to all three of you for such a wonderful, relaxed, unexpected, and romantic Valentine's Day.

Loads of love,

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