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20 March, 2016


Because a girl can never, repeat: NEVER, have too many ankle boots.
And I had points racked up on Just Fab so I got these babies free-of-charge.

I can't ever speak highly enough of this brand.  I've been using them for right around 5 years now and I still have every, single, shoe purchased, in good-to-great standing, regardless of how many long nights out they've suffered.  I chose to be a VIP member, either skipping the month by the 5th. so to avoid being charged 35 pounds or, if I either forget or don't like any of my personalised selection, available each month in addition to the rest of their products (handbags, shoes, clothing, accessories...) then I get those 35 pounds as credit, which I can use whenever I want on a product for that price.  Being a VIP member also means discounts, discounts, discounts and a heads up on our favourite word: sales.

Not to shabby, eh?  If in agreement have a look here at all Just Fab UK has available, more details on how it works, and how to get you all signed up :)



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