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09 March, 2016

London 2016: The 1st. Month

Hello hello and welcome to Smoke In The Rain, featuring a rare post offered in near-real-time to the events mentioned below ;)

I hope you all enjoyed the mass amount of posts from my holiday that somehow already seems so far away in occurrence, though not in memory.  When realisation that I'd already been back in London for a full month only hit, I definitely hit a wall hahah Not physically, although the desire was present and the likelihood of my actually physically ramming into a wall by accident is indeed quite high... I felt as though since returning, I'd accomplished so much.  I was doing my workouts three times a week, on top of uni and exam prep, working my ass off, and finally allowing myself to openly dedicate myself to the things I love most.  Yet, I'd only been back and at it for a month haha

Thankfully, life has a way of making sure, from time to time, that you know you're not alone in the things you encounter and feel.  This happened to me over a drink with Dylan, where he was all-but losing his damn mind over needing to get out of the city hahaha I was so happy to hear it wasn't just me!! London, in what I've seen as a quite generalised, collective opinion, is a city that unless you're born and bred in, you don't necessarily miss whilst away from it, but for a small time period upon your return.  And hen you become passive aggressive towards and need to get away from.  It's very full-on 24/7, living in a big city, don't you think?  Whether or not you consciously realise it, you're always doing something, seeing someone, having to be's the beauty and the nightmare all rolled into one!

Anywho, here are some snaps of what I've been up to since returning home to the ever-stressful, ever-awe-inducing, London, mostly from our new "Gay Wednesdays/AKA Wacky Wednesdays" at Bloom where we've all decided to get together, regardless how busy, tired, or moody we may be, and bask in the glory each other's wonderful company...and drink!  Needless to say I thoroughly look forward to Wednesdays now!! As busy as it's been, I can't say my first month back has had any truly negative aspects to it.  Good food, good friends, good health (mostly), shopping (stay tuned for all of my new goodies!), a wonderful Valentine's Day, Mads' and my 2.5 anniversary...can't complain.


back at work means back-to-work shoes, right?

so many notecards, so little time
poor finger...


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