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31 March, 2016

ASOS: Walk This Way

Another day, a dollar less ;)

I decided that I'd treat myself with my big birthday (21! 21! 21!!!) and ASOS did just the trick.

See more below!

With the London weather teasing at hints of Spring in between pouring rain and wind that'll knock you off your feet with glorious (dare I say "warm"?) sunshine-filled days, I decided a proper pair of sunnies was in order again after I lost my last perfect pair of Ray-bans that had lasted me a record-breaking 3 years (I've got really bad luck with sunglasses...lost, stolen, broken, disappeared...) and I knew just the ones I wanted.  SO obsessed with this fabulous new addition!  Can't wait for an excuse to try them out...hint, hint, Spring can't come fast enough.

I'd been eyeing this pair for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge and buy them, unsure of how they'd look on me v.s. in the pictures but they are equally sexy, equally fabulous, and surprisingly easy to get into.

These babies were a major impulse-buy but I've already taken them out for a spin!  Given that they needed to be broken-in, they were surprisingly comfortable most of the night, even given the pointed toe, stiletto heel, and lack-of platform.  I'm not usually a fan of croc print as I find it can easily look tacky &/or cheap but it's somehow subtle on these.  Safe to say they've kicked-started a love for pointed heels again.


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