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17 March, 2016

ASOS: Boots & Beauts

Afternoon lovelies :)

Here are the shoes I'd originally purchased for my 21st. birthday from ASOS (available here) and these killer zipper-adorned, pointed black buckle boots.  Just looking at them makes me feel cooler. They are available here. Can't wait to wear them both!!

Which is your favourite? I can't decide and honestly, not sure I want to.  They're both equally stunning in their own right.

Joining two new pairs of shoes is  double-buckle belt, also from ASOS.  I've been trying to locate the perfect one for what feels like forever now (so dramatic, I know) so I'm highly content with my find (minus the fact that I was hoping to actually use it as a belt (around my hips v.s. to cinch my waist) hahaha....Not this time around).

Welcome to the family babies <3



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