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02 March, 2016

With You

It's still hard to get around to see everyone that I'd like when I'm finally in the same country as them but it's all about compromise in the end from both sides with regard to time and I'm so happy that Louise and I managed a day together after a quick stint on New Year's Eve at the second private party we attended.  Come to think of it, us two have always been very good at meeting up, regardless for how long or where in the world we've been (Arizona included), gotta make time for sisters!

Louise and I decided to meet up for an (all too early) brunch at my go-to cafĂ© in Odense, Froggy's where she actually managed a proper brunch and my jet lag informed me that it was definitely lunch time.  We couldn't stop talking so our brunch quickly turned into another coffee which turned into near hypothermia as we genuinely froze running back to her flat for some more catchup before I cabbed it back home to Tove and Ole's.  They were having two of their friends over for dinner so we ate like Kings (as always), played a few dice games, and topped it all off with some cheese and fresh fruit before I had to excuse myself to polish off my massive assignment (we're talking 50% of my final mark here people -_____-) for Contract Law just in time to pack up and leave Odense to spend the next few days before flying out back to London again in Svendborg with my Mama and grandparents.

Lovely as always seeing my girl, we'll have to make a more frequent occurrence...I miss you too much otherwise!



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