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22 February, 2016

Still Christmas

When we came home to Denmark, we were unaware that, at least in the Beyer household, it was still Christmas.  I don't think I've ever seen so many Christmas decorations in my life!!  Was nice to have the feeling of having sort-of celebrated the holidays with them as well and they (decorations) do make the house feel all warm and cosy.

Took a breather after a long day of travel and went out to get some fireworks (for me? sparkly sticks...that's all I need!) and booze for the big night, messed around with an idea for my New Year's hair (vetoed it, would be too much given how dramatic the outfit was to be anyways, but maybe for another time!), got my beloved, sorely missed Kebab, Skyped Mama just in time for her flowers to have arrived, and relaxed with the fam.

Good to be back :)



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