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14 March, 2016

Perfectly Missguided

The word "sale" has always resonated strongly with me (translation: I'm physically/mentally/emotionally unable to resist) so a massive Missguided sale was no different.

It's been a slow realisation that's now amounted to an epiphany that although, I will admit, I have a sincerely large amount of clothing, there's a reason why it'll take me 20 min. to throw together a more intricate outfit than say, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Reason being, I DON'T HAVE ANY.  Until my trip to America over the holidays, I haven't possessed an actual pair of jeans in well over 5 years...I've lived in jeggings. T-shirts have been replaced by blouses and camis in every print, fabric, and colour so it's always been much easier to rock up in a dress, belt, blazer, and heels at any event, than the latter.

My wardrobe is so much more based on statement pieces that while adored and always on top of the trends at that point in time, I've found myself seriously needing some non-basic basics in addition to them.  Enter: cute dresses that can be worn with everything all year long and a ridiculous amount of simple tops (please).

Kicked off on my new "simplistic" shopping spree with a few new numbers, as shown below.  In addition to these I got a black lace hem dress, a velvet mesh sheer oversized t-shirt, a silky black bomber jacket, and a backless black cami that for one reason or another, I cannot locate photographs of.  Fret not, I have a strong feeling they'll find their way on here sooner or later ;)

Any of you fans of Missguided or pick up anything from their recent sales?  I wasn't overly keen on them when first falling over the website but I think it's safe to say I'm a pretty big fan at this point! So much so that I've decided one of these lil numbers will be used for my 21st.  Any guesses?

I can't say that I'll ever necessarily be a "jeans and tee" kind of gal but I look forward to actually having the option to be so!



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