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23 February, 2016

NYE: 2015/2016

The last day of 2015 flew by way too quickly!  Before I knew it I was up, finishing off the last bits of the creme brûlées (forgive me, Lionel <3 <3 <3 and helping wrap the asparagus in bacon before quickly jumping into the liquid, metallicy feel of my New Year's gown and doing myself up as the guests arrived!

Mads and I wanted to spend some time with the family the day of, similarly to what we did last year and it was such good fun!!  Everybody got out their New Year's gear be it Elvis Presley-worthy sideburns, neon wigs, or hats resembling Shamu, and got their drank onnnnn. The food was absolutely delicious, everyone loved the dessert (although I personally wasn't exactly chuffed about the outcome after struggling with crystallising the top bit for almost 20 minutes), and suddenly we were wishing everyone a brilliant new year as we headed out the door and into the cab on our way to meet up with Polina in town to go to a private party.  Those goodbyes must have messed with our heads because 5 minutes down the road both of us realise that we forgot compltely different but equally important things--the alcohol, Polina's Christmas presents, and in my case, an outfit change!!

As if forgetting all of that wasn't bad enough the first time round, we'd just found Polina when I realised that, explicitly after asking the driver that if he wanted everything in the boot to please remind us before we left (mind you I've got the memory of a squirrel, probably worse).  It was our lucky night because when Mads bolted back to where we got dropped off, he was still there! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On with the night!!!!!!!!!

Upon our arrival I think it's safe to say we stood out of the crowd.  It was Polina's friends' friend's party so we didn't really know what we'd be walking into, we were just happy that we managed to get together on New Year's again for the second year in a row <3   You'd never have guessed it giving the room a once-over but everyone got along so well, definitely met a few people I'd love to see some other time again :)  Had an absolute blast, especially when Jana and her boy showed up!!! I'd been wanting to meet Johnny for ages and suddenly turning around and seeing them both there was like running into a brick wall of emotions hahaha

A few hours past midnight Louise rings me up and asks me where we are and if we'd be up for joining her at the party she was attending that night.  After changing into a more practical outfit, wrangling up everyone, and saying goodbye to our lovely hosts/guests, we were off!  Didn't last long though as I'd been moaning about a deep desire and well, need, for pizza for a good 2 hours at this point and considering I somehow (it's a talent, it really must be) had also been sober for at least that long as well, I was pretty ready to call it a night.  Not until I did the most painful (again, sober here guys) face-plant on someone's kitchen floor and Mads nearly took out the speakers though... Some people just aren't that great at standing on two feet, okay?! :P

Danced around (if you can call it that)and had a bit to drink in the company of the lovely Texas before promising each other that we'd meet up sometime before I left for Svendborg and we were off to the station, praying that we'd be some of the only lucky folks getting a cab home.  No such luck, unsurprisingly, so we trekked through the cold (the very, VERY cold) and waited at the station until a bus came to take us home.

I was probably the only person observing what a scene the station was and fully appreciating it in all of its wonder.  I couldn't help but laugh as we sat, finally changing into a pair of flat shoes, on an escalator that was no longer working alongside others desperate to get home.  Guys still in their suits, holding their gym bags, others their girlfriend's shoes, chowing down on whatever food was available.  Some people looked like they weren't out on the town at all but rather, on their way to work!!

We got home in time to see the sun rise over the crystallised, foggy fields, being greeted at the door by Tove who, to no surprise of mine, was already awake and cleaning haha

2015 was seemingly hopeless and frightening at times where reality just seemed, well, too real.  But with the pivotal support of my fantastic friends and family, without whom I'd be completely lost, it turned out to be one hell of a year that I've got no regrets, only a few scars from as I walked into the new year.  I can only hope that I'll be challenged in many new ways in 2016 and that I'll continue to learn, grow, experience, travel, and love as much, hopefully more, than I was able to in this past year.

Happy New Year all <3

Look #1:
Necklace--Mirina Collections

Look #2:
Heels--Nine West

never in my life have I ever been so happy to see Pizza...

Mads was pretty alright about the entire thing too ;P

before and after game is so strong :D


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