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05 February, 2016

Let's Never Go Stick Hunting Again

This day was all about that Christmas prep ;) This meant everything from stick hunting (yes, my sister dragged me outside (*gasp*) to quite literally hunt for sticks as part of her image of our rustic Christmas table) to managing some very last-minute Christmas shopping.  Table decorations were made as it was set beautifully up for the evening-to-come, presents popped under the tree, and of course, our traditional Kierland trip was high on the list of things to-do.

Popped out with the goal of getting Mads a new carry-on suitcase and ended up grabbing a sexy new pair of heels and my new favourite pair of trainers (who doesn't love glitter?!) some Taco Bell, and a whole lotta coffee!

Later on we had a look around amongst the array of beautiful and cosy Christmas lights that always given Kierland such an inviting ambiance this time of year and had the best burger on the planet at Zin Burger.  I cannot believe I polished that entire thing off...definitely ended up succumbing to a record-breaking food coma, also as per tradition.

Another beautiful day spent with these beautiful people <3



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