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18 February, 2016

Ice & Fire

Note-to-self...maybe excessive layovers aren't such a bad thing after all.  In fact, they should be planned from now on when flying out of Heathrow because you can make it home in time to get rid of your ridiculous amount of luggage, quickly re-pack, and head back to the airport for your connecting flight.

...getting all sorts of ideas :D

The flight back went by quickly, as it somehow always seems to, so before we knew it we were in London, but not quite home yet haha Was a very strange, strange feeling knowing that our home was a good 20-30 min. drive away but that it wasn't our destination.

Landed it icy cold Denmark, welcomed with a massive handmade sign held up by the lovely ladies as the boys played scouts...quite badly I might add as suddenly we were standing right in front of them, suitcases and all (I think it's funny how Mads walks out with just his carry on bag and you see me parading behind the trolley filled up with our suitcases hahaha).  My GOODNESS it was cold. Really, chilled-to-the-bone, how am I existing right now kind of cold!!  We definitely shouldn't have complained as much as we did about the cold  cooler Arizona weather, I think the universe heard us and decided to remind us that we're technically supposed to be hardcore Vikings that know how to dress for blizzards.

Came home for a nightcap and our Christmas prezzies before turning in for a very much needed good night's rest!



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