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10 February, 2016

Christmas Eve, 2015

Christmas 2015 was a beautiful affair.  It meant the world and then some to be able to spend it for the first time with Mads alongside by beloved Daddy, Lina, and Michael.

The house was all decked out, table set with no detail missed (Go, Lina!) "bar" stocked up for the evening and Daddy whirring around the kitchen like a mad genius.

Everyone was dressed to the nines in their own rights be it with an it the elegant take on a gothic-inspired look, a matured classic-mixed-modern ensemble including a mini-septum (after much debate, it did stay in haha), all-grown up with a blazer that fit like a second-layer of skin, or a "southern-Belle" with one too many massive cuts/bruises on her legs haha

Given the fact that we all love to dress up, our Christmases are always very low key.  We had a few drinks, listened to a last-go of Christmas tunes, played loads of card games, inhaled the wonderful traditional Christmas meal Daddy slaved over complete with duck, brown-glazed potatoes, steamed red cabbage, crisps, boiled apples with cranberry jelly, loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of brown sauce, experienced the beauty of a Christmas tree lighting up the darkness of the living room with its live glow, attempted (poor Michael, poor...poor Michael) some classic Danish Christmas tunes (with no real help of Youtube I might add) before I stood by him to give a valiant, semi-Operatic attempt at "Silent Night" in English before completely giving up on the entirety of it and delving into the goodies that lie waiting beneath the tree.

Lebron James-emblazed high socks, children's books, clothing and accessories of all sorts, electronics, my very first mixtape (I will love you forever M-Dogg), months of floral arrangements, personalised picture calendars, you name it, it was there.  NO IDEA how we all collectively pulled off such an en pointé gift exchange this year...something always goes wrong one way or the other :P Lina went above-and-beyond (as she usually does) and created these massive, intricate themed gift baskets for us three that included handwritten notes (cry one, cry all!) and keys to decipher the meaning behind each gift within the gift.  Mine was themed "treat-yo self" and included the perfect black floppy hat that I've been hunting for for what feels like forever, new Victoria's Secret PJ's, all sorts of products to aid me in my ever-changing beauty-regime be it face masks, under-eye care, nail varnish...above and beyond, right?!

Mads' was themed "Indluge yo'self" and was filled with all of our favourite American treats, many of which we grew up with and as terrible as some of them are (enter Beef-o-roni), they needed to be experienced haha 

Michael's goodie basket from Lina was themed "Be Yoself" and the contents were as hilarious, adorable, and brilliant as ever, bringing a tear to everyone's eye (GOD DAMN YOU LIONEL. ALWAYS!!!) and definitely loads of smiles.

We took a break in-between present opening to indulge in Risalamande with hot cherry sauce and to try our luck at winning the game.  This "game", if you will, is essentially trying to locate, not consume, and save the full almond, should it have been bestowed upon your dish, hiding it until everyone's finished eating.  The prize?? A box of 80's themed American candies (wonder who chose that ;) ) gifted to none-other than M-Dogg with funny little runner-up presents as well.

Hope you all had as magical and magnificent of a Christmas as we did :)  I will treasure these simple memories for ever and ever.  Thank you to all of you for being a part of it and making it so special!


P.S. The pashmina is green...I wouldn't dare wear a black one with the ensemble in question but the camera was going completely cuckoo (of course) that night.  I've done my best to edit the light in the pictures so that it's somewhat cohesive.


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