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02 February, 2016

A Day With The Mannaris

The annual trip to the ice-rink when as catastrophically as my knees could manage but it was, as always, good fun!! Mads and Asher finally got to meet each other after 2 consecutive years of my blabbing on about the other to them both and they meshed just as well as I could have expected and hoped.  Boyfriend and "brother" getting on, what more could I ask for? ;)  Apart from my father and Mads' newfound, uninterruptible bromance that is...

After successfully banging up our bodies on the ice we headed back to the Mannari fort for some well-deserved drinks and time with the family.  By family I quite literally mean nearly the entire family is under the same roof at the moment so we got to say hello to and hang out with the likes of Asher, Mama Debbie, Daddy Jim, Sister Stacey, Deb's cousin+husband+ x2 children, Stacey's two beautiful babies, Julian & Victoria, and her hell-raising dog.

Drinking and playing catch-up just wasn't enough for us so we (and by we I mean Mads) got to work on attempting to build the swing-set/slide for the kids before giving up and heading out to race some "proper" (non-Crackerjax) racecars.  I already feel like taking back my usage of the word "proper" as mine continuously either sped massively and unexpectedly up, or stalled.  I, of course, placed last...even with what I'd consider to be some pretty slick moves around the track ;)  I'm sure the lovely hair caps we had to wear in order for our helmets to fit properly, yes, the ones that made us look like old-English-style executioners, had something to do with it.  Or the fact that I was driving (term is being used very loosely) stilettos.

Came back home in time to help out with the baby and dinner...simultaneously of course, before some of the family left and we dug into some epic cookies/ice-cream sandwiches over historical/political conversations that Mads and Asher completely zoned out of.  Took an unsurprisingly exhausted baby boy home to recover from nearly a full day with the beloved Mannaris soon thereafter :)

Lovely, as always to see you...all of you!!
'Til next year my crazies <3



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