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11 January, 2016

Too West Coast

The day following us having played cards in the middle of the living room floor until well past midnight with Michael after having decorated our beautiful Christmas tree was comprised of showing Mads what an American luxury car dealership looked like, meeting up with our old tennis coach, Iqbal, for a quick hello & catchup before going on the hunt for a nice blazer or two for Mads.

Before that hunt started though, we needed to eat.  I was out-numbered in a desire for actual food by Lina & Mads and so....we ended up at In-N-Out.  I'm a Taco Bell kinda gal, incase no one's noticed, but that & a good kebab or pizza is as far as I can go with regard to fast food willingly haha  What would we do without Lionel though, honestly?! She requested a few of their hats for, and I quote, "my foreign friends"ahahaha Full West Coast experience, amiright?

Came home to do some homework and watch some Christmas movies!



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