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19 January, 2016

The Big Unit & The Princess

We took Mads to the ever-growing capital of our beloved Arizona and in all of my years having lived here, I so rarely frequented Phoenix unless it was for a trip to the airport.  It's turned into what appears to be an amazing city, one to be proud of.  Lina's experienced much more of it with all of her performances, internships, Braille Board ventures and casual outings with friends so she could point out all the good, the bad, and the fabulous as we drove past.

I've heard a lot of positive commentary regarding food, music, and art from her & Michael, wish we were here longer to experience it more!

Our goal, apart from showing Mads (& myself) central was to reach Cooperstown, a restaurant owned by Alice Cooper, and attempted the Big Unit--a 2 ft. long hotdog packed in a baguette with everything under the sun, named after Randy Johnson, the Arizona Diamondback's previous pitcher.

Nearly just after having been seated, Lina & I ventured outside to see what all the commotion was about--music blaring from the speakers that could be heard from a generous distance down the street and an array of people dancing along to it--of all ages!!  We never did figure out exactly what this event was for but with cheerleaders, mascots, elves, Ronald McDonald, Darth Vader, and Alice Cooper himself present for it, it must have been a doozy!  Whatever it was, the kids in attendance seemed to be having a great time and damn, some of them could dance!!

I hadn't actually realised that we'd just gone out out of sheer curiosity only to have stood a few feet away from a legendary rock star, snapping pictures of the event...I'd just noticed his badass pants!  I was THIS close to having gone over and complimented the guy on them, but as I saw Lina headed towards to door, I dropped it and followed her as she motioned towards him.  Had one of the mascots not proceeded to scare the living bejeezus out of Mads & I, I'd have face-palmed massively.   In true rockstar style, he exited through the kitchen a few moments after.

That hot dog is all its cracked up to be!  Safe to say none of us left hungry!!!

Iqbal had given us all free passes to go ice skating and to grab a few drink up at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess where he'd worked for just shy of 20 years, some of which while Daddy, Lina & I were under his wing, when we met up with him the day before so that evening, we headed up to the Princess for some wintery and the rest of Scottsdale.

The hotel was beautifully decorated, a festive and classy ambiance echoing throughout as sounds of laughter filled the air, glasses clinking, marshmallows roasting atop the fire glass pits.  The only downside of there being so many people? The queueing involved.  We stood still for a good 40 minutes to get our skates and to be allowed on the rink, openly contemplating just giving up and going home 50+ times but eventually we were let on and it was as anxiety-filled and frightening as we could have hoped.  We definitely taught some of the seemingly hundreds of children out there some new words!  I'd say we all got the hang of it (Mads started off by skating circles around us) once we got into it but then suddenly there was barely room to breathe, never mind skate, so we headed off.

I'm still a big believer in that skating in itself isn't necessarily difficult, it's avoiding all the people (cutting directly in front of you a million times within the course of 20 min.) that is!!  So much respect for people who make this into an art form though...I can stand on one foot for 0.3 seconds and more often than not, usually end up smashing my kneecaps in the process.

Check back for an outfit post soon y'all!



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