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30 January, 2016


It was a late night that turned into a late day :P
We'd hoped to actually have experienced some sun during our time in the desert, making for a perfect nostalgic mini-golf, bumper cars/boats outing but we ended up just making due with what we had!

I remember Crackerjax being the sh*t growing up but man has it gone downhill since then haha Slightly sketchy but still very, very amusing given the right company.  Kicked it off with a highly-competitive (and frustrating) mini-golf game.  Michael's aggression reminds me so much of myself back when Lina & I did golf lessons haha Much better suited for tennis, volleyball, or football!! No shame.  Of course, Mads always -__- with most of us trailing close behind.

We followed it up with some highly questionable "food and drinks" before heading to the racetrack where I proceeded to force M-dogg to eat my dust, quite literally.  Mads, as per usual, was far in the lead (how does this always happen?! at EVERYTHING...I need to know!) as Lina captured it all from the sidelines.

Ended it all with an entertaining go at the bumper boats where all three of us fell victim to a seriously aggressive 7-year-old, walking out with severely drenched clothing, souls, and sprayed glasses in my and Michaels' case.

Afterwards, we headed home for a bit of Christmas-related downtime inclusive of watching Love Actually (tradition, tradition, tradition).



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