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03 January, 2016

Potty Finger, Soul-friends, & The Serial Killer: The Road Trip

So much went down on our road trip that took us through Flagstaff and Sedona before reaching the goal of the Grand Canyon that I feel the best way to summarise it in all of it's magical, emotional, mental, beautiful glory is in the following bullet points alongside the corresponding photographs (if available).

The biggest thank you to my Soul-Friend, M-Dogg/Michael for being such an incredible human being overall and for having the willpower and desire to be the entertaining, consistently safe driver for this trip :) Much love to you from us all, buddy!


-Started the day off by packing enough snacks to rival Mrs. Weasley & deciding against having to break-in my newly-purchased (only) pants for a roughly 12 hr. drive

-Randomly decided to rock a lady bun/random bow for the first time....definitely looked like "Bang Bang (Bam Bam), proudly so

-Grabbed breakfast teas/coffees/ delicious bacon, egg, & cheese sandwiches at one of Lina & Michael's favourite coffee spots

-Since all of her favourite people in the world were in the same car, we followed through on our promise to Skype Mother

-Michael and I bonded over our mutual love of rap music...and the ability to sing, word-for-word, Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money"

-Got to experience oversized xylophones (which might be the best outlet for my never-ending energy and clear musical talents)

-Purchased some of worst coffee in history and enjoyed the view during a pit-stop in Sedona

-The vibes changed dramatically as M-Dogg, Lionel, & I noticed that a suicide emergency hotline sign had been put up near the bridge we normally stop at to soak in the view...Mads' reaction was extremely delayed and, of course, involved critique of its placement (not on the bridge but put up in the one area where everything's fenced off and would actually be very difficult to jump)

-I decided to live life on the edge and had the quickest outfit of the day photo-shoot so far as I ran out in the middle of the road over the bridge and Mads snapped from a comfortable distance haha This is about the time where I went into full-on recollection mode and struck all of my go-to poses as fast as humanly possible before being hit by a car.  

-Made it to Flagstaff and popped into a very Flagstaff tea shop for Michael's tea fix & an unwelcome potty break

-Located Crystal Magic, admired its many wonders, and totally spaced out on what Mother's requests for purchase were

-Lina & Michael took us to their go-to "European" café that was very vegan/gluten-free/veggie friendly and ergo for Mads & I meant that there was a very large menu with no food (but kick-ass photographs hanging on the wall!) We trusted Lina telling us that there'd be more restaurants near the highway for us to choose from on the last leg up to the Grand Canyon....we starved until we spotted a McDonalds and forced down a nearly 30 dollar meal (WHAT.EVEN.)

-We experienced a collective feeling of absolute fear-of-death should we suddenly become stranded as  we reached the long drive through the middle of f*cking nowhere territory that consisted of no more than a few "houses", random trailers, a church and likely more firearms than inhabitants.  We decided that this was where people who hated other people lived (and the rare exception of people who actually love the wilderness and the nearest grocery store being 40 miles away) and serial killers were bred.  

-Reached the Grand Canyon

-Struggled to locate it in all of it's massiveness and grandiosity, sucked in its out-of-this-worldness, took some highly necessary squad pics, lasted a good 20-30 min whereafter I began debating stretching my turtleneck out to cover my entire head, Lina buried as much of her face into her jacket as possible, and we all lost complete feeling in our lips, ears, hands, and toes (permanently snow-capped boots) before sprinting back to the car, highly impressed with having made it half way through our trip and not having gone anywhere near crazy (more than we were entering the vehicle, for clarification)

-On the way home I believed that the never-ending snowy woods were home to White Walkers, & Michael looked like Johnny Depp

-Experienced stunning light changes captured by my camera being shoved out the car periodically (note: even the camera felt like it froze)

-Affectionately coined a very large mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro & took profuse amounts of pictures of it in all its wonder

-Shared an apparently hilarious (and deeply emotionally scarring) story
from my childhood in celebration of us no longer being the only car on the road for well over an hour

-There was some private music loving and private convos as we drove into sudden darkness

-Lionel attempted to take her jacket off while we were on the highway and in a now-momentous, historical act of sisterly love (in Lina's words), I somehow heard her seatbelt un-clasp through my headphones, reached from behind the car and over her to re-buckle her while stating, "safety first".  I think everyone was a bit in awe.

-Mads compared my egg head to breakfast, decided Michael was to be our best-man, and that I was clearly meant to be born a Latina

-The last leg of the trip was really no more than a race-against-time to get Lina noodles from her favourite Chinese restaurant, House of Yang before they closed.  I heavily opposed this the entire way being in the hospitality industry myself and knowing the mixed emotions one can feel when someone enters so close to closing.  

-My severe oppostion prevailed when I saw them counting the till through the window that led to Lina having a mini-breakdown in parking lot before our boys silently bonded together and barged in only to discover that there was an arsehole customer sitting there, enjoy the three pieces left of his chicken over his novel and that we were still welcome.

-Full-on delirium/reached home 


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