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25 January, 2016

Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow

With lack of sunshine ruining our original plans (for real, what state am I in?!) Lina decided to take Mads and I on one of her thrifting outings and we collectively decided that we needed more Taco Bell in our lives.

I felt extremely accomplished leaving Goodwill, hit the jackpot!!  Lina managed to locate quite a few cool items as well (including a black denim Calvin Klein vest, you're welcome!) and even Mads walked out with something (a nice grey blazer that fit like a glove!).

What I love about thrifting is that it's an opportunity to find pieces that you know not everyone else out there has, pieces that make an outfit entirely unique (such as my new vintage colour-blocking blazer).  Also, you can just find some amazing steals in there if you're lucky!!  I managed to locate a completely new, classic black Liz Claiborne blazer in exactly my size.  Apart from that, I found a perfect-fitting black jumper, a dark teal sparkly-velvet sheer blouse, a double-breasted blazer, and a leather embellished belt--all just over 40 dollars in total!

We rewarded ourselves with a boat load of Taco Bell before taking Lina to her hair appointment and later on, headed to Phoenix to check out this year's Zoo Lights.  Personally, I think this year's setup was much more impressive than last years but maybe we also just managed to see the entirety of it this year with the zoo's #1 visitors leading us through it all in record-time!!

Since we finished so much faster than expected (even with the hoards of humans surrounding us) and Michael couldn't stop raving about Lo-lo's, we headed in for a late Souther dinner.  That's right, waffles, fried chicken, and Kool-aid in every fashion (and fantastically named I might add) were scribbled across the menu.  It was all of our first time trying this "classic" meal, with the exception of Michael of course who spent a great deal of his childhood growing up in Florida.  Though I could do without the meal again, I think I've become proper-addicted to Southern-style Kool-Aid.  If you think regular Kool-Aid is sweet, you ain't tried nothing yet!! Our waiter brought our glasses just over half-filled along with a jug of water so we could water it down if necessary....pshh...Daddy shielded his eyes as Lina and I proceeded to have a Kool-Aid drinking contest.  It was a tie, although I definitely threw up in my mouth a few times at the rate it was going haha

Mads and I spent the remainder of the evening passed out on the living room floor in recovery while Lina & Michael, seemingly unfazed by the meal (even though Lina ate her caramel, pecan, & banana pancakes+bacon AND half of my fried chicken and waffles) just played a few rounds of cards before calling it a night.



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