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27 January, 2016


Good morning all :) Hope you're doing well!!

I like to keep my schedule packed with all sorts of traditions and fun outings when on holiday but what's a holiday without some downtime, right?  It's not always as easy to blog about, especially since when I'm in full-on chillin' out mode, I'm rarely snapping pictures or doing anything picture-worthy really.

The day following Zoo Lights was definitely one of those days.  I prepared a boat-load of the posts you'll have read by now, kicked Mads' ass in cards (which never happens, EVER!! HE ALWAYS WINS. EVERYTHING. ALL THE TIME) and had a few rounds with Daddy playing too, stuffed my face, attempted to tan out in the balcony, finished making notecards for uni, and stopped over to our shopping area to check out a car show.

Some of the cards were too cute!!  Others honestly knocked the air right out of me, especially the old-school ones.  Just looking at what pristine condition these babies are in--from their paint jobs, cleanliness, motors (I could hear them purr even as they stood in 'park')--was awe-inducing.

I particularly enjoyed the line-up of Porsches haha Very "basic" in comparison to some of the others, but I thought it was quite funny to look at, especially considering the area, that could have just been parking over at the Coffee Bean hahaha  Someday, it'll be my garage <3

Enjoyed Daddy's homemade three cheese & prosciutto Mac N' Cheese with some caesar salad and played cards/jammed out to music late into the night with the crew.



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