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23 January, 2016

Be(A)ware: An OOTD

Across the tracks from Coopertown, there was this massive mural that drew my attention with its many aspects, somehow all fluidly connected, a storyline that somehow tied together and represented so many of the pivotal societal issues we face now.  It was amazing to stand next to and admire but I wanted to take it a little further and incorporate it into a blog post--embracing the "lifestyles" so many have come to accustom themselves to.

Everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from has faced a challenge, a terror in their life, whether it's out in the open and apparent or hidden behind closed doors and barely take care in the things you do and say and remember to do your best to empathise, not sympathise (a great video on the distinction between the two available here).  There is such power in simply being aware, truly aware, of the things going on in the world--don't let that awareness be wasted by refusing to acknowledge it. Listen, understand, educate,


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