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11 December, 2015


On my second day back in the desert, Michael (AKA M-Dogg) picked up Lionel & I (in the most badass car I've ever to witness personally--his beloved 1979 Chevy Nova) to take us to the zooooooo!!  Zoo-time has been one of Lina's (& Michael's) favourite times and well, I got an invitation so clearly I tagged along ;)

It was an afternoon filled with an awful lot of banter, discussions over which animals M-Dogg could "take down" (note: the rainbow-butt baboon didn't make this list though the lions did), fawning over the creatures in the petting zoo (I made a valiant effort to give all of the goats equal love but Pedro the donkey and I shared a special connection in the end, Lina swore that she found Satan in a specific goat, and Michael's new friend all-but cried when we left the enclosure), I full-on loudly gasped every time we encountered a large bird, and we collectively obsessed over the monkeys (Orangutans, Orangutans, Orangutans)...this obsession being potently led by Lina.  It's amazing to be able to witness such majestic creatures but simultaneously, so heartbreaking to see them in cages :(

After our highly-entertaining trip to the Phoenix Zoo (where it's been decided it would only make sense for M-Dogg & Lina to get memberships at this rate) Lina, Daddy, & myself headed to the movies to see "The Good Dinosaur".  It.was.fantastic.  We expected nothing less than to fall out of our chairs laughing, wipe away what remained of our makeup with our flow of tears, and to be the oldest people not including the parents and grandparents accompanying their youngsters in the cinema...check, check, and check!! Highly recommended (as I may or may not say about any Disney/Pixar film)!!



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