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24 December, 2015

Start It Right

Good morning beauties and Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you all have a phenomenal day with your loved ones <3

Day two rocked around and was kicked-off by a morning run around (part of) the golf course and followed up with some cafĂ©.  Lina had other arrangements for the day so Mads and I went window-shopping around Scottsdale Quarter together.  Most of the shops I wanted to hit involved Lina being present (and Mads being relieved of his boyfriend duties) so, with the exception of my new  p e r f e c t earrings from Pandora (thank you, Daddy!), we somehow managed only to look at all the goodies.  We scarfed down what can only be politely referred to as "food" from a Tuscan grill called Brio....would not recommend.  Maybe it was just what we ordered that was unimpressive though as when Mama was here she went there with Asher and was very content with it!

I discovered the most gorgeous new Michael Kors handbag that I'd decided needed to be a part of my life as soon as humanly possible, in addition to deciding that the time had come where I should be a full-blown grown-up and actually have a wallet (instead of throwing everything into a clutch and calling it a day).  The only problem was that since we've got our phones on Airplane mode whilst on holiday we've been doing things the old-fashion way, before technology took over.  We'd agreed to meet Daddy at 4 pm at the other end of the Quarter so I had to say farewell to my darlings, knowing for sure that we'd meet again at a later time.

Mads tried driving automatic for the first time around the neighbourhood and, well, Daddy and I made it home alive!!  Jokes, he did great...can only be easier without having to shift gears!



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