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19 December, 2015

Red, White, And Boo Boo


Safe & sound, although delayed, Mads landed in Phoenix on the 11th. of December :)

Was starting to massively freak out waiting for him in "arrivals". 9/10 I'm the one arriving, not waiting so all sorts of scenarios were zooming through my mind....they didn't let him through customs, luggage lost, came out earlier than the delayed time we went after and was waiting outside the airport...thankfully the queue in immigrations was just veerrryyyyy long and that's what had held him up :) Worth the wait!!

Welcome to America my love <3 SO EXCITED/HAPPY TO HAVE YOU HERE.

Let the good times roll!!

P.S. Seriously, the biggest thank you to M-Dogg (Michael Dagher) for letting us borrow your wardrobe essentials! I now feel the empty space in my heart where American-flag printed ensembles need to be.

(potentially the most frightening photograph ever to be taken)


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