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17 December, 2015

Pink Crush Velvet: An OOTD

Hey y'all <3 Hope you're all doing well.

The tick-tock's just moving all too it always seems to do when one is on holiday.  I changed my pink cami to a black one  and added a few "special additions" that you'll soon see for when we picked up Mads from the airport a week after I'd flown in to Arizona.  Here is what I wore :) Yes, for those of you wondering, I was the one who cut into my beloved black was a rash, emergency decision after I managed to rip them on my way out the door to the dentist early this morning (good news is I'm 400 dollars richer, bad news is that I need like 40,000 cos I need braces again, not a new retainer).   Of course this would happen to me, as is, but specifically when THEY ARE THE ONLY PANTS I BROUGHT...a new excuse for shopping, anyone? ;)

I don't think they're that bad...except for maybe the cut that looks a bit like Africa...Grabbed a classy McD's breakfast on the way home and had a chilled-out day that involved located the most-country Christmas tunes over "making" our freshly-picked oranges & cloves for decoration and watching the traditional "Arthur's Christmas".  It's apparently a Danish thing haha So if you want the house to smell amazing, give it a try!! 

Pink cami--similar here
Jumper--similar here
Jeggings--similar here
Ankle boots--similar here
Cowboy hat--similar here
Leather bracelet--available here
Silver bracelet--available here
Silver watch--available here
Glasses--available here



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