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22 December, 2015

My Honey Boo Boo Meets America: Day 1

On Mads' first proper day in Arizona we decided to go with the nostalgic route and show him around the old stomping grounds.  We drove past the Montessori school we attended up until the 4th. and 6th. grade, respectfully, our middle school, and our high school (where Lina graduated), simultaneously showing him Paradise Valley before we headed up North  to Grayhawk Gold Club where Lina & I used to play.

Bellies stuffed from a delicious meal at Phils' Grill, we ventured through more of Northern Scottsdale, showing him more of our beautiful mountains and the equally-beautiful homes that are built by, in, and on top of them before an unexpected amount of rain blocked them from view entirely.

We looped through Fountain Hills and headed down towards the area where Lina and I grew up and showed him our old house.  So strange having him there as we drove through these memory-ridden areas but lovely, of course, having the opportunity to share it all with him.

Mads and I grabbed a few coffees and played cards out on the balcony, trying our best to soak up the sun and ignore the surprisingly (and disturbingly) wet and cold day we'd experienced (blame Mads, guys...we did) while Lina & Daddy grabbed a nap.

The day was wrapped up with a trip to the jacuzzi followed by a few episodes of Nissebanden alongside corn-on-the-cob, cowgirl beans, cottage cheese, curly fries, and a couple racks of ribs, and a nail-biting game of Myreturen.

I think I can speak on behalf of Mads as well when I say, what a near-perfect first day!! Everything's better with some sunshine, especially when it's what one's travelled across the world for, but there are some things in this world we just can't change.



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