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13 December, 2015

I Spend My Days Chasing Wild Horses

...quite literally.

I had the most spectacular, amazing, wondrous day alongside my Daddy and a long-time family friend and professional photographer, Frank, wandering through the many recreational sites we have here in Arizona that are home to a plethora of wildlife and breath-taking views.

We were incredibly lucky in experiencing small herds of wild horses at nearly every location we drove to in addition to spotting three bald eagles on our desert adventure.   It was hard work, but so absolutely worth it!  Trekking through sandy hills and never-ending desert (in my BCBG ankle boots I might need to add), attempting to distinguish a tarantula hole from a desert mouse or rattlesnake hole (safe to say I'm out of practice) while running a respectful distance from the galloping wild horses so to avoid too much of a close-up shot (if ya feel me) all while getting the perfect shots.  Anyone who considers photography an easy "hobby" needs a serious reality check...or just an afternoon with Frank!!

He taught me more about the settings on my camera and how they effect my photographs, the inner-workings of the herds (he's done this a few times), providing the translations of some of his favourite Andrea Bocelli's songs as we drove around, rocking out to the oldies, and sharing some absolutely hilarious, mental stories from his photography adventures.

I got to test out a proper long lens (and by proper I mean at least half of my body size in length (and weight)) when photographing a Bald Eagle (and using Daddy as a tri-pod hahaha) and was allowed to both feed and pet one of the horses we encountered.  On our way back home, we stopped at Butterfly Wonderland but it was closing and the butterflies were sleepy so not too many shots from there, will have to return!

A truly magical and educational day!!  I'm really proud of how some of my shots turned out, some more than others (as it will always be), but here are the products of 5 hours galavanting through the phenomenal desert landscape that characterises my beautiful home state of Arizona.

A massive, massive thank you to Frank Stallone for allowing me to join him on one of his excursions and mentoring me for a day.  If any of you are curious and/or interested in some of his work, some of this insanely talented man's photographs are available to view here and here.  His photographs from this particular excursion are the last 7, viewable below.


P.S. Lina says HI.

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