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16 December, 2015

Drowning Shadows

Morning love monkeys <3

Lina & decided to buckle-down and try to get some work done at "The Bean" while Daddy was out and about the other day (I know, how grown-up of us) which essentially just resulted in us drinking a single drink that somehow managed to result in severe hanger that forced us home to Daddy's homemade White Chilli and then, satisfied, back to the coffee house haha

We did actually manage to get something done, just not in the predicted time-frame.  Lina got some material for a project of hers collected and I spent nearly 3 hours editing all of my pictures from the trip with Frank to perfection (or attempted perfection, rather) and doing a bit of blogging and overall organising.  I also attempted to get some of my homework out of the way and ended up having a proper mini-meltdown that involved the throwing of some unidentified fruit

On the way home I just couldn't resist stopping in the walkway for a few shots.  It was completely emptied out of all other people as the afternoon sun glittered through the pillared entrances, beckoning us.  I only wish I'd dressed up a bit more but it worked out much better than expected!! The Urban Outfitters shirt is stolen from Lina (available here) and the shorts are from Love Culture (similar here).



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