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07 December, 2015

Arizona Dreamin'

Good morning :)
How is everyone??

Even as I stood in Terminal 3 of Heathrow airport, I wasn't fully in-the-moment, still not realising that in a matter of a few hours I'd be seeing my Dad and little sister.  As per usual, time ticked by all too quickly and BAM, suddenly we've got less three weeks to Christmas and British Airways is reminding me of my trans-Atlantic flight to Arizona via eamil.  None of that seemed to kick-in until I was on the plane, taking off, silently saying a farewell to London (& also silently hoping that my plane wouldn't be another added to the list of those dropping out of the sky :/) as we soared upwards into the clouds.

Thankfully there weren't any complications or delays really, just a safe and smooth trip from the moment I stepped foot out of my flat and hoped into the cab on my way to the airport.  I couldn't ever ask for more!! We've got to believe that people are doing everything they can to keep us safe, specifically as the holiday surge ensues.  But as a rule-of-thumb, always just be observant and wary when travelling, regardless of your destination.

The only speed-bump I encountered during this time around was through security...idiot that I am, having packed all of the Christmas presents ahead of time in my carry-on, I hadn't ever thought about their contents.  I take pride in being prepared (shoes, jewellery, jacket, belt off, laptop and camera in hand, liquids out) when going through security so that I won't be the one to hold anyone else up and usually, can get through quite quickly.  All of that was good and well, minus the minor detail of my stupidly packing down Lina's Ciaté London Mini Nail Varnish Advent Calendar in my carry-on suitcase.  You can only imagine what happened next...The guy was so nice.  I just stood there, completely dumb-founded as to why I would do such a thing to myself haha I either had the option of checking in my entire carry-on as a second piece of luggage (even though I just check in my other, perfectly underweight suitcase with plenty of room to fit this in) or having to open it up and letting them test all of the nail varnishes.  I chose the latter, thinking that it would be the fastest and cheapest option.  I was so lucky to have gotten this security officer because he was so ridiculously nice, incredibly guilty and sheepish about having to stand there, opening up my little sister's advent present but as I assured him multiple times, there's always a price for stupidity in life and hell, he was just doing his job!!  We both took great care opening up the little cardboard doors and removing the nail varnishes one-by-one but some tape ended up being necessary anyways :P  Could have been much worse! They could have just not cared and told me that they had to keep it/chuck it so I was very lucky!

I went to buy some last-minute travel necessities from WHSmith consisting of Luczogade for my upset tummy, some sweets, a neck pillow (never have I had one but my body's been so upset lately so I thought I'd try something to help it through the 12 hr. flight), water, and I just couldn't resist the black t-shirt with London's tube system blazed across the front...Daddy's advent prezzie!

Grabbed my go-to/favourite meal, a chicken caesar salad, I relaxed a bit to One Direction's newest album on repeat (3 weeks and counting...) before boarding and was off!!

Came back to the new flat, which has accumulated the most ridiculous amount of paintings a'la Lina & I, had some hors d'oeuvres, a bit of chatty-chatty, and hit the sack!

Safe travels to you guys whenever you start heading home for the holidays <3



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