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26 December, 2015

Ain't No Alfie

If Mads felt even a twang of pain after his Scottsdale Quarter experience the day before, it was nothing like what he'd come to experience as we drove to Scottsdale Fashion Square mall the day following.

Firstly, I'd just like to say that I think he deserves a badge of honour for spending well over an hour in Michael Kors with me as I soaked up Scarlett O'Hara-related compliments and raced around the store, eyes wide like saucers as the lovely ladies working there informed me on the killer sales that were in place at the time.  I kid you not, the prices coming out of their mouths didn't seem real and were keeping me proper distracted.  As soon as I thought I'd decided on one handbag or one colour, I was shown another...It was one of those 'the more you spend the more you save' kinda deals so, as I'm sure you can imagine, there was a pretty hefty internal emotional battle between walking out with the entire store and paying rent this coming month going on.

I decided on a burnt pink saffiano leather wristlet (available here ) as my wallet choice, along with a matching faux fur pom (available here) and the quilted beige handbag (available here) I'd fallen head-over-heels for at the Quarter with a white faux fur pom.  SUCH A HAPPY CHILD.

On top of my new MK finds I quickly found a pair of black jeans (available here) to replace the others and after an awful lot of effort (every shoe I liked wasn't available in my size and/or my size changed with every shoe I tried on) got a pair of Adidas trainers (available here) since the original pair of Nikes I'd purchased, weren't...wait for my size.  It all worked out quite well though since I like these much more and because they were so much cheaper than the original pair I'd bought, Lina got her "dream" sweatpants, a new shirt, and I snuck in a little something for M-Dogg since he'll be joining us for Christmas as well.

Mads tried Lina's favourite fast-food burger joint, 5-Guys while she got some Panda Express and I devoured (or attempted to) my beloved Paradise Bakery salad and cream cheese brownie.  Note: based on our separate lunchtime spendings, it's safe to say eating healthy in America is possible. The price differences weren't massive but my jaw definitely dropped when I saw that a burger, some fries, and a drink have made their way up to just under 20 dollars!

Somewhere in between Lina & I dragging Mads around the mall dealing with our returns and Lina's christmas shopping, he managed to get the sickest pair of pants (available here).  We've officially been banned from shopping with him haha Next time around I have a feeling it'll be me and Lina doing our thing and Mads doing his...separately....alone...on the other side of the mall.   I think it's safe to say that Christmas came early!!

After a long day of shopping (gosh, vacation time is stressful :P) all of us headed out to choose our Christmas tree!! What's usually a happily tedious and slightly time-consuming process was a 10 minute deal this time around.  Safe to say that Daddy thought it was a tad bit nippy and acknowledged that even he might have to slip out of his go-to year-round shorts and into some longer pants!!  I LOVE Christmas tree browsing/shopping and would have loved for it us to have been there a bit longer, especially with Mads here this year as well, but this Arizona winter ain't no joke!

This year's tree is no Alfie (our midget Christmas tree from last year), which I discovered first-hand when volunteering to be the one to carry it in, up the stairs, and into its holdster, but it'll do ;)

Stay tuned for an outfit post from this marvellous day <3


bucket head running away from a picture with her sister/my reaction.


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