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09 December, 2015

A Sunny Saturday

Good morning everyone :*

The only good thing about jet lag is that because I can't hold out later than 9 pm the first few days, I'm up nice and early and can get some things done before the rest of the household wakes.  It's so wonderful waking up naturally, to the golden sheen of the Arizona sun making its way through the windows, lighting up the bedroom with a warm glow.

After scarfing down a very-much sought-after bowl of Lucky Charms (scorreee) and some of Lina's gingerbread/orange pancakes while she fawned over her advent present, we three headed up to Cave Creek for lunch at fam fav, Caf√© Bink's for lunch.  Holidays really do just consist of eating, distracting yourself with an activity before you eat some more, doing an activity so you can eat more, and then eating.

We started off with some truffle fries and then I had a goats cheese, raspberry, balsamic salad  while Daddy had the mushroom soup for an entre√©. Lina had her beloved pork Mac N' Cheese as a main whereas I got the a Turkey, cranberry, bacon, onion, and alfalfa sprouts on maple rye sandwich,and mussels for Daddy.  Was a super cosy lunch up in the mountains with Daddy & Lina followed by a life catch-up in the jacuzzi with Lina and an early bedtime!  Jet lag's a bitch and a half -__-  A perfect first day!



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