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11 November, 2015

A For Effort

And so a lovely holiday neared the end...
We spent our last day in Turkey soaking up the last of the sun, alternating between the pool and the beach (rough life...), and Mads and tried jet skis for the first time!!

I don't know why, maybe I saw a movie as a kid or something, but I've always had a fear of these contraptions.  Until that day, I didn't know there was such a thing as a "dead man's switch" so I was convinced that if I fell off, I would be run over by the very vehicle I'd been cast from.  The existence of such a switch was the only reason I agreed when Mads asked me if I wanted to try but I was still scared out of my mind of falling off!!

I thought I was being such a badass, slowly working my way further and further up in speed.  I was seriously impressed when I made it all the way up to 18 mph.  You can imagine that I felt slightly less hardcore once we'd ridden back to shore, Mads shaking with adrenaline, saying that he went all the way up to 50 mph!!!

I suppose that it's...partially...visible in the pictures Ole snapped from the beach that there was a slight difference in our speed and driving styles.  Mads looks like something from a Bond film and every time I see the pictures of myself coming back in, I automatically play circus music in my head :D *doo doo dooloodo loo doo loo doo doo doo*

Was a fun way to end our vacation :) I had the best time and I can only assume that based on the big smiles all around on their nicely tanned faces that the fam agrees!!

Thanks for this time!



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