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30 November, 2015

The Month of Parents

It seems that with one of Mads' good friend's mama flying in from South Africa, two of my bosses' mum & dad flying in from Serbia, and Mads' parents flying in from Denmark for his 23rd. birthday as well that November's been the unofficial month of parents visiting!

Although we both have had a lot on our plates, I'm so happy we managed to make/find time and that Tove and Ole could make it over as well, even if it was just for a few days (all the more reason to make it perfect!) Their being here made all the difference for him on his special day, especially since we'll be stealing him off to Arizona in a few weeks to celebrate Christmas.  It was perfect timing as well because so much of what we'd recently purchased for our flat arrived just before they did!

We sent a car to pick them up at the airport and while Mads greeted them upon arrival in Fulham and got them well situated,  I joined them a few hours later, coffee and cake in hand, after work.  We braved the ridiculous wind as we ventured out for a walk in the park and to Putney to have a look around to work up an appetite for some dinner and vino.

Clearly, Mads had decided that we'd eaten too much because we all somehow ended up walking to Chelsea in pursuit of a pub that was supposed to be showing the Sweden vs. Denmark football match. Time flies by in good company but after walking over 40 min., we decided to call a cab and choose a more local pub to watch England vs. France over a drink instead :P  Mads doesn't get to pick where we go out for a little while now haha We were all very well exercised for the day, so we guaranteed that Tove and Ole got themselves a good nights sleep after their travels.

The morning of Mads' birthday we were woken up with a Danish birthday song and the banging of pots and pans, followed up with some coffee and presents for the birthday boy <3  He got some new duvet/pillow covers, a new pot, some moola, a new work sweatshirt, jacket, and socks, Calvin Klein underwear, a red, grey (and apparently) dark green sweatshirt, and some more neutrally coloured Nikes (in comparison to the neon orange, green, and blue pair he has).

Afterwards, we headed down to the pub where Mads and the boys from work get a weekly morning fry-up together, for some breakfast before making the trip in on the double-decker to Westfield Shopping Centre to spend the day, oo-ing, aah-ing ;)  After spending 6 hours there, completely unwilling to move more than a few feet to consume something, we decided on the best restaurant we could think of that was within 5 min. walking distance from our home...Bloom it was :D

Tove and Ole had their first Fish and Chips (keeping up with tradition) whilst Mads and I devoured our drool-inducing burgers before heading home from some Danish sweets, nuts, and a killer card game before passing out and calling it a brilliant day, well celebrated in good company.

It was so lovely seeing them both again but of course, nothing can ever go too smoothly in a big city!!  Mads received a phone call later the next day, right around the time they were expected to be landing in Denmark...though, admittedly, a bit before schedule.  Ole had called to inform us that it had somehow taken them 4 HOURS TO GET TO STANSTED and that they had consequently missed their flight :(  We quickly managed to line up tickets for the next flight out early the next morning but not before Mads was nearly smashing his head into the wall attempting to explain over a dodgy phone connection how to get onto the airport's internet, check-in online, and download the necessary apps for them to have access to their new ticket.  Needless to say we both felt unexpectedly guilty being able to sleep in our bed again that night knowing that they wouldn't be able to :/  What shite...and just when you though it couldn't get any worse, Tove let me know after they'd made it safely back home, that they'd apparently been evacuated a little bit past midnight due to a potential threat!  Thank goodness all turned out well but my gosh, what these poor nuggets didn't have to endure just for an hour and a half flight back home  In the least, they've now got a great travel story to share :D

Hope you had as much fun as we did sweetheart :* Here's to another 23 (and another, and another and another...) Love you!



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