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07 November, 2015


One adventure just wasn't enough for the day!!  After having wandered in to the silver shop we had in our hotel a nearly-awkward amount of times without actually having purchased anything (there was too much shiny, I couldn't decide in the time that Mads' brain capacity could muster...can't really blame him) I wandered back in along with Tove and Charlotte :)

The boys clearly caught on as by the time we came out to update them on the prices, they'd already started drinking up at the bar hahahaha Tove ended up getting two unique silver rings (in preparation for her and Ole's Silver wedding coming up in about a year and a half...she claims ;)), and Charlotte got a cute pair of earrings along with a matching necklace charm the man gave to her as a gift, and I got two lovely silver rings as well with plenty of sparkleesssss :D

Pashminas: √
Presents for the family: √
New rings: √
A bunch of happy ladies: √



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