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15 November, 2015

October Overall

October's just up and disappeared!!

Summer's far in the past and Autumn has fully taken over London with swirls of crispy, multi-coloured leaves floating through the wind, severe, low fog that makes you feel like you're either a) about to be invaded/raided/kidnapped (think: Pirates of the Caribbean) or b) part of some magical, semi-spooky film. They kind of go hand-in-hand.

I started my Law degree at the University of London, Birkbeck and it's just as hard as I imagined it'd be :D  The work load is immense, especially since I'm still working full time down at Bloom during the day, but I'm pushing through quite well.  Everything seems really interesting so far and I have a feeling that so long as that keeps up, so will the motivation to commit the time, effort, serious mental concentration (prolonged at that), and off sleep schedule.

I might just be the most anti-social being ever though since if I'm not at work, I'm at uni and if I'm not at uni, I'm doing uni-related work, and if I'm not doing any of those things I'm likely cleaning, sleeping, or eating haha Mads has been so supportive, bless :)  We're just making time where there's no time and looking very much forward to our Christmas holiday where he will be joining me in Arizona along with Daddy and Lina before we head to Denmark to celebrate New Years amongst family and friends.

The only proper social interactions I've had this past month have been semi-forced and random haha For example, my suddenly cooking dinner for Anthony, his friend, Mads, and myself and giving myself the night off with some drinks with the "Lord of Fulham" haha Considering the ingredients were bough by Anthony on his first-ever trip to a grocery store, suffice to say it was an interesting evening!!  The second time was when the lovely Henry offered to cover the second half of my double shift so that "Elsa" could go to the ball :P  Had so much fun working on Halloween!! It's not one of my favourite holiday's for nothing!! Thankfully Sammy shared my standpoint and went just as all-out on decorating and her costume as I did!

Our flat is coming along quite nicely now that we've become more financially secure and steady.  It damn well took it's time but all good things seem to.  This means that we've now actually, finally (took IKEA x3 weeks longer than promised to get us the friggin bed base) got a bed and not just a mattress on the floor (I think we got too used to it...Mads slept terribly the first few nights, kept waking up...probably because he subconsciously realised he could actually fall off and out of something hahahha) in addition to pretty new sheets (oooohhh), floating bookshelves, new cute (yes, I'm actually fully able to use that word to describe where we throw our rubbish) bins in replacement of our temporary clear plastic ones (never a good idea), a wine/glasses rack, a toothbrush/soap holder, and now, a multitude of frames for our "hall of fame" :D

It's really starting to look and feel like home <3  Thankfully, as (where did the time go?!) we've suddenly been here, in Fulham, for 6 months!

I've been putting off sharing pictures of our new place with you guys since I wanted and still want to wait until it's all finished and up to my perfectionistic standards.  It's taken so much longer this time since it came unfurnished and we've been working towards financial stability before splurging on too many things but it's all started to feel worth it :)



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