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20 November, 2015

Missguided Sale Finds

Hello gorgeous :*

There was just the craziest amount of sales going on in October and I'm quite proud of myself for resisting as long as I did.  Then it occurred to me that the next time this many sales would be happening would be Black Friday (shudder) or after Christmas...and so it began.  Got an early jump on a few items that will soon be wrapped up and popped under a tree...and a bit extra ;)

Inclusive of the "extras" was a new winter jacket, criss-cross black cami top, a black and grey acid-wash maxi dress, a pair of faux snake-skin pointed stilettos, and my new year's gown for 2015/16.

Everything fit perfectly apart from the heels :(  They will need the old wet-newspaper/freezer/ if they're pretty I'll make them fit trick before I can manoeuvre my way through the city in them!

I'd recently donated a decent amount of clothing, sheets, towels etc. to help the migrants in addition to re-organising my clothing rails so there was suddenly room for some new additions.  How could I resist?!

Did any of you succumb to the mass amount of fall sales?? What did you get? Any specifics for this season that you've been lusting over &/or just had to have?



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