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13 November, 2015

Like Roses

Suitcases packed and weighed...and weighed again...and again...and again...and finally we were on the bus on our way to the airport.  After going through security twice (not a bad idea placing one right at the entrance of the airport to be honest), losing Tove and Ole (or rather, them losing us), we scarfed down some food our stomachs could actually stomach and headed home to Denmark.

We stopped at a café on our way back to Odense for lunch (so cute!) before Mads and I headed to Svendborg for a sleepover with my Mama before flying back to London the evening after.

I saw Billund airport a total of four times in just over a week, learned the hard way not to eat salad when in a country who's water is not cleaned the way ones' body is ordinarily accustomed to, got the best tan I've had in well over 10 years as well as a boat-load of fantastic memories, snapped by our new camera!! (Kent let us borrow his on the trip to see if it was of was, oh, it was!!)

Now it's back to crazy, every-day life here in Fulham!! As I'm writing this it's 3:30 a.m. and I think it just might be my bedtime now.  I've continued working full-time at the restaurant but now with the addition of studying Law full-time in the evenings as well.  I'll be doing my best to keep you all updated, as usual, but there aren't nearly enough hours in a day for my liking :/



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