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02 November, 2015

Jeep Safari: Pt. 1

We got our lazy holiday butts out of bed early to start off on a real adventure!!

After a tiny bit of panic (The receipt was the ticket?! Where's the ticket?! I'll go grab it I think it's in our room. Is that our bus? No, they didn't have our room number. What room number did you tell them? That's not ours!! I gave them our surname too. They didn't spell our name right!) we were picked up in our jeep and headed off onto the Turkish highway...which may have been one of the most frightening experiences of my life haha

We were all holding on for dear life (and us ladies were attempting to keep our hair in a some-what practical/decent looking setting) but by the end of the trip, I'd become so comfortable in the vehicle that I was sitting on the edge of the railing, hair flowing through the wind.

It was AMAZING.  Terrifying at first but instead of fighting it and questioning what every unfamiliar mechanical noise was, we quite literally just went along for the ride and it was a magnificent experience!  One that all of us agreeably would highly recommend!!

After switching Jeeps and drivers 3? 4? times, we were finally situated in our car for the day but our driver...wasn't...local.  They'd asked the men on the trip if any of them were able to drive and as scared sh*tless as we all were in the beginning when our German driver took the wheel, the fear faded quickly.  He did a brilliant job and was a very safe driver.

The trip was beautiful! The greenery, the hills, the mountains, the god the lake!! It had the most stunning coloured water I've ever seen!! The only water I've witnessed that's comparable is the ocean out in the Cayman islands.  Breathtaking!!  We also got to experience the bone-chillingly cold, fresh spring water that runs down from the mountains.  Crystal clear and quite refreshing in the heat...if the people spraying water from their water guns on us as we drove by hadn't already done the trick that is :P  Very impressed with how on Earth I managed to come home with my dress (Liz Claiborne) still being crispy white with just a few mud splatters on it and no more.  I guess I'm just a pro ;)

Thank you for being so beautiful, Turkey!
(SO beautiful that there will be a follow-up post with more pictures of our jeep safari)



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