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01 October, 2015

University of London, Birkbeck: Law School Day 1: An OOTD

Good morning everyone :)

Mads and I got back from our amazing holiday in Turkey and a quick few stops in Denmark very early Monday morning (we're talking 2 AM here people) so it was a busy day spent attempting to catch up on a continuous lack of sleep (yes, even on holiday), cleaning the flat, unpacking, washing clothes, getting some of my summer clothes packed down now that winter's chill looms ahead, and preparing for my first day of university!!

Headed from work at 4 pm. home to change and leave early to attempt to locate my new university. God...I was so crazily nervous and excited, I'm impressed that I even made full sentences when writing this!!  Took me ages, even though it was a mere 3 min. walk from the tube station, to find the place...which I credit largely to the ever-confusing, Bipolar, Google Maps.  Managed! On time and all!!

There were definitely moments where I thought I would just outright burst into tears, likely looking like some frightened, caged animal as I sat in one of the many green and wooden chairs facing the lecture speaker in the hall that I couldn't help but mentally compare to the Colosseum.  I sat in "the pit", dutifully scratching notes down as the bullet points glared intimidatingly down at me from the powerpoint screen thinking, "What are you doing here? You can't do this!!"  Thankfully I eventually started thinking the latter and I have a feeling that first-day nerves and jitters aside, this will be a frequent reoccurrence throughout this particular degree :P

Both my two different lecturers as well as my seminar leader all seemed incredibly cool and had great senses of humour.  Very approachable and extremely knowledgeable of the subject at hand which was all just about the greatest relief for me.  A good teacher (or the opposite, as I'm sure many other than myself have encountered) makes all the difference in the world to your academic experience.  I can only hope that what I felt yesterday stands true for the duration of my course.

And yes, the "wear pink on the first day of school" tradition continues ;) Who isn't  inspired by Elle Woods?!

Just wanted to let you all know that we're home again in London, safe and sound, and to stay tuned for some picture-packed posts to follow :)

I'm hoping to get a head-start on my many Turkey-related posts before the madness of Law school, work, societies/sports and all sets in.

Hope you're all doing well!

Loads of love,


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