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30 October, 2015


I've gone back-and-forth with whether or not I could pull off a one-piece bikini for awhile but when I saw this little black number hanging there, teasing me as I stood in the queue at Billund Airport to purchase my new red lipstick.  It was so tempting that I literally thrust my lipstick and sweets into Mads' arms, gave him some cash, and ran off to try it on haha

It fit perfectly!! I'd ended up eyeing it, trying it on, and purchasing it before the boys had managed their way through the otherwise surprisingly short queue haha But hey, when your boyfriend's mother tells you you look good, I'd recommend taking the advice!!

It's so much easier to swim in--no worrying about whether you're about to lose your tops and/or bottoms when diving in!  The only thing that I've got to put as a potential negative is the tan lines but I figure when alternating with different swimsuits with different cuts and coverage, that it'll all work out evenly in the end :)

Unfortunately it's no longer available anywhere that I can find online but here is a similar option :)




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