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09 October, 2015

Miss Denmark

Day two of obscenely early wake-up calls came as we all ran about the house preparing ourselves for the much anticipated trip to Turkey.

Charlotte and I spent the car ride to Billund airport watching the latest music videos and before we knew it, we were parking! Check-in went off without a hitch and after buying some goodies in duty-free (a new red lipstick L'Oreal Paris, Color Riche, 297, Red Passion) some Danish sweets, and my first one-piece swimsuit amongst them) we grabbed some breakfast, marking my second day in a row eating a burger for breakfast (the American in me).  To put it as accurately as possible--Sunset's new Hereford burger kicks ass is crazily delicious!! Under normal circumstances...maybe not before noon but hey, travel does things to a girl ;)

The 4.5 hour flight was nothing in comparison to the 1.5 hour bus ride we had to take after getting out of the airport that just seemed to drag on forever!! I really, truly despise buses and its always that last leg of the trip that gets to me.  I spent my time counting Turkish flags as Mads continuously scarfed down a variety of nuts in an attempt to curb his hunger.  Needless to say, I gave up after seeing well over 40 hung over balconies, in store windows, in under 10 min.  American's haven't got anything on these guys when it comes to pride for their country shown through the epitome of national decor represented in their flag!! haha

At long last we reached the hotel and it was beautiful!!  After having to confirm to the front desk that I am indeed above 18 years of age, we all received our wristbands and headed off to dinner and drinks by the pool before we checked into our rooms and enjoyed the stunning view of the ocean.  It lit up in different shades of purple as the thunder rolled over head, lighting striking just on the horizon.  Below, the cabanas and pools, glowing in the darkness with their bright, fluorescent colours.  What a welcome to Turkey!!

I wore a black peplum open back top (similar here), a grey tight skirt (similar here), some black strappy leather sandals (similar here), my leather jacket (similar here), and my Longchamp (available here).



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