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08 October, 2015

For Real

Afternoon everyone :)
How are you??

I've had a busy day!  Busy past few days actually as I've been home, not feeling too well, and therefore not at uni (thank goodness I've been off work!).  The good thing about being stuck at home means that I've been able to complete bits and pieces off the other 90% of my to-do list that doesn't involve university.  One of these things being preparing the NINETEEN posts regarding our most recent holiday!!  Highly due to the fact that we've got a new camera, there was taken the most ridiculous amount of pictures on our trip; it brings me joy :D

Was at the post office today to ship some goodies off to Daddy, Mama, and Lina, then at a clothing boutique here in Fulham that's been accepting donations for the migrants.  A great way to clear the closet and now I know that I've done something to help those poor souls.

The flat is in dire, dire need of a proper deep clean and I've just bought a fancy spray mop (oolala) so, let the good times roll!! Will be catching up on all of my notes from uni and oh! before I forget to share, I've got a new blog template underway as well!

Thought we needed a fresh start and a change now that we're officially in the Autumn months.  I'm so excited to see it once it's done!! Still back-and-forthing as to what to do with regard to categories and how I'll move the posts to their respective ones (I have a feeling it will be a hundred-hour process if I need to do what I think I need to do)...what do you think?? Would categories be helpful or is SMITR easy enough to navigate with the search bar and labels?

Have a good one :*

Loads of love,

P.S. Glasses are Tom Ford, Jumper is Forever 21

**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the first above.   All rights go to its original owners.**

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