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16 October, 2015

Designer Blogs: A Review, An Update

Goooooooodddd morning all :)

As I'm sure you've noticed, SMITR's got a new look!! I went with the same designers as before for the new template and I'm equally in love now as I was before, if not more!!!

They have an abundance of different pre-made templates from self-hosted Blogger & Wordpress blogs (check which templates are available for each--it will be listed at the top of the page under each of their respective sections) in addition to doing custom website and blog design.  There is something available for every taste, with an underlying sense of refined elegance in each design.

I've only had experience with the pre-made templates and blogger templates (until further notice)--slightly customisable (the title of your blog, which social media platforms you want included in your widget buttons, colours, etc.), quick, simple, and affordable.

I honestly can't say enough good stuff about them!!  All you've got to do is pick the template you want and you'll fill out a form with some basic personal information as well as which colours available you'd like, any extra or unique requests (some for an added small cost), pay, and within a few days a designer will contact you via email.  After that your new point-of-contact will update you with screenshots of the progress and any questions, further requests, or help you may need, they will (in my experience) gladly answer.

Once you've approved everything, all you've got to do is add them as an administrator (for Blogger users, go to Settings, add author, and on the drop-down button on the right-hand side, add them as an administrator.  From there, they will install your new template for you :)

The designers I've had the pleasure of "working with" have all been very patient, kind, and work quickly and efficiently and I'll more than likely be using them again.  Thanks to Anna for SMITR's beautiful new look!

If you've been giving some thought to changing your blogs look, I'd highly recommend them.
Additionally, if you just so happen to be smitten with Smoke In The Rain's newest design and want it as your own, it  is called Marissa Rosalie ;)

Hope you all love the new look as much as I do!  Feel free to ask questions about it if you need some help or are confused and I will gladly do my best to answer :*


P.S. This'd also be why there's been a lot of posts hopping around where they shouldn't be, until they're placed in the proper date and their respective category (Bear with me! This will probably continue on for about a week, max!)


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