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13 October, 2015

Before The Storm

I think that what most people dread, on the lighter side of things, on a holiday is that the weather will be the opposite of what you'd have hoped...are we positive there's no such thing as sun guarantee?! :P

During another fun, relaxing day poolside (I have to note how absolutely photogenic my mermaid-of-a-boyfriend is. Tell me it's not fantastic. Tell me right now!), we'd all begun to notice that the clouds had begun coming in at a pretty rapid pace.  The fact that there were clouds at all was unexpected!  As the wind picked up, we, along with another couple hundred people, were all-but thrust into the hotel and out of the pool by the downpour of rain, heavy wind, roaring thunder, and the lightening illuminating the sky.

I've got to admit, it was a pretty hilarious scene.  We all managed to escape the worst of it, no doubt, and I think the stress I felt was more in my own head than it was in the actual event (nothing new there).  Being an Arizona girl, I've witnessed my fair share of Monsoons and I miss them!! There's something about being able to experience the true force and will of Mother Nature from a safe distance that's just so magical and other-worldly.

Stay tuned for some pictures of us once we managed to locate Tove again (of course she went missing through all of this and gave us all a collective damn-near heart attack) and ate/drank our way through the rainy weather in style ;)



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