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08 October, 2015

Back Again

Hello hello <3

And so the trip to Denmark and later, Turkey, finally rolled around.  Days feel so long but the weeks just fly by!!

I closed up the restaurant alone for the first time and then headed home to shower, pack, and get ready for our early flight back to Denmark :)  Mads and the boys had been watching Rugby that night so, of course, he managed to become intoxicated before having to travel which was pretty much just the most hilarious thing for me :P  It's like travelling with a three-year-old...but it's like that when he's sober anyways :D  I have to say, I'm not a big fan of Stansted airport as is but my true disappointment set in quickly as my excitement of finding a Giraffe restaurant there, faded.  The food is absolutely nothing like at the one I have always gone to in Heathrow and the prices are much higher!  Sad face. At least I got to eat a burger for breakfast, so that's a win ;)

Ole met us at the airport, greeting us with some buns, cheese, marmalade, and coffee before we drove back to Odense.  After saying our hellos to everyone and having a welcome drink, we attempted to take a well-deserved nap before heading out for dinner with the family to celebrate Kent's birthday :) It feels like forever ago that we saw everyone even if was roughly only a month and a half ago so a little reunion was the perfect send-off to Turkey.

I tried Mexican coffee for the first time as well and I just have to mention separately that it is amazing!! If you haven't, try it!!

I packed really light since there was still half a suitcase of unused clothing from my summer holiday waiting for me when I arrived, in addition to everything else that I haven't managed to find room for to get back to London yet and turns out, I had the lightest suitcase out of everyone for Turkey!! Go figure.  When does that ever happen?! (Hint: Never. I actually don't think that's ever happened in the history of my life.)

In doing so, I wanted to choose a travel outfit that was both practical and chic that could easily be dolled up for Kent's birthday dinner later on that night.  I wore a black peplum cross-over blouse (similar here), ribbed body-con skirt (similar here), and knitted jumper (similar here).  I paired them with a pair of brown cut-out suede sandals (similar here), and my new leather clutch (similar here) and jacket (similar here).



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