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22 September, 2014

About Me

Hello & welcome to Smoke In The Rain (SMITR)--a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog dedicated to my consistent rambles regarding all of my materialistic loves and otherwise :)

To avoid the awkwardness that nearly always seems to go hand-in-hand when writing about yourself, a bullet pointed lists of facts, rather:

-Full Name: Emilie Kirstine Bondo Fabricius Ahlgreen 

-Born in Scottsdale, Arizona USA on the 3rd. of March, 1995

-Both parents are Danish 

-I like blue candies. Airheads, Jolly Ranchers, Sweet-tarts, you name it, I'll eat it.

-A proud dancer!! (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Latin…)

-Can read and understand roughly 30-50% of Italian and French

-Home is where the heart is.  You are not defined by where you are from, where you live, how you speak, who your family is, how much you have in your bank account, what colour your skin is, what your sexuality is (I could go on for days).

-Stitch is my spirit animal

-I like making lists.

-Acrylic nails are my downfall.  Without them, I don't feel whole.

-I have incredibly dark humour.

-I like watching French films and pretending I understand in the hopes that some day I will.

-My little sister is my everything, my mama is one of my best friends, my daddy is my hero.

-I prefer red to white wine. 

-I'm terrible with keys.

-I have a penchant for wearing heels though my feet, knees, and back have already begun to express their distaste.

-Love mixing gold and silver with regard to fashion & decor.  It's all got to be silver or gold or a perfect harmony of the two.

-Trained in English & Western horse riding 

-I have two tattoos and 6 piercings

-Curly hair makes me happy. End off.

-I get freckles all too easily in the summer.

-A perfectionist, a dreamer, an over-achiever.

-Can release and/or squish (given the situation) spiders that are no larger than my fingernails.  Arizona guys, gotta commit to this within reason.

-I'm trilingual (English, Danish, & Spanish), though after leaving Arizona I'll admit, by Spanish is a bit rusty.

-"Trust issues? It's called healthy scepticism." 

-A Montessori child

-I have the memory of a squirrel.

-Completely mental and perfectly aware of it.

-A stronger believer in: things happen for a reason.

-Well-convinced I'm addicted to sweets.  Without them, I get dizzy and moody.  There may be a medical reason for this left to be discovered.  Until then, addicted.

-I love the Russian language and along with Arabic and Mandarin, amongst others, I plan to be fluent before I make my "final exit" if you will.

-Will study International Relations+Politics at The University of Westminster in London this coming autumn followed by Law hopefully on the East Coast in America.

-1st. concert was Bon Jovi

-I do not have a favourite/lucky number

-Racism sincerely pisses me off. Anything that goes against equality generally seems to.

-I've written songs since before I can remember, it's the cheapest and most effective therapy I've discovered as of yet.

-I am more spiritual than I am religious (Agnostic).

-A big fan of painting. But only abstract.  The latter doesn't seem to work out well for me. 

-I love the Latin culture.  The food, the people (beautiful!), the music, the scenery…

-Studied and graduated the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in the summer of 2013.

-I was 8 weeks old when I first travelled and haven't stopped since.  I'm no good at staying in one place for long.

-I'm a total MUN nerd

-I want to learn how to shoot with a bow & arrow

-I name my electronics so that way I feel bad if I break them.

-Sometimes I believe incoherent noises are more effective than works.

-Wrote a novel titled, "Stifled Innocence" at the age of 15 with my friend Alana.  It should have been published then but given my trans-atlantic move and a focus on studies, we postponed it and have now as of 2014, decided to edit, re-write and publish it once she's all shined up!

-Sucker for quotes

-I sincerely dislike wearing pants.

-Seriously challenged at painting my nails.

-Once-upon-a-time I was a brace face. 

-Being by the water calms me.  I never get tired of looking at the ocean.

-Raspberries are my favourite berry.

-I wish I was a princess.

-I love trying new recipes and cooking.  It calms me down and brings me piece of mind.

-I will make time for nearly any TV show or movie involving drama, action, law and/or crime. CSI, Law & Order: SVU, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS: LA, Suits etc. all have a very special place in my heart.  And my weekly schedule.

-Big or small, fluffy or scaled, I'm an animal lover <3

-I pick up on accents extremely fast and have since I was a child.  Some of them stick.

-Music has and always will be a massive part of me and I hope to someday make a career of it.  I sing well, so I've been told by the majority.  Dreams never die, nor should they.

-I don't use wallets.  Rather, clutches that I can stuff and schlep around as I please.

-I make happiness lists when I feel it's necessary to remind myself of what I have and of the important things in life.

-Most of the time I act like a 4-year-old.


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