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23 October, 2015

A Trip To The Market

Hello hello :)

And here we all thought we were doing so well with not spending... Then again, it's quite hard for your wallet to feel the pain when you're sitting by the pool, eating and drinking food and drinks that have already been covered.  I haven't tried the whole "all-inclusive" type of holiday before but it's definitely not the worst thing so far!

What we'd managed to save, we definitely managed to spend once we hit the market!  My feelings are still the same as last year--I wish that there were more authentic goods instead of a never-ending stream of fake "designer" stuff (it kills me).  It's likely due to the fact that we're in the same general area as we were last year where everything we need, is in our hotel...tourist town!  It's perfect for a relaxing getaway but as I believe I mentioned when writing about our trip to Turkey in 2014, I had planned on returning to Turkey again, absolutely, but to a more culturally rich place such as Istanbul. Who knows what the future holds!

It was the same market we were at last time--talk about a seriously strange sense of deja vu!! Very strange being in the exact same place, in one of the few countries that I don't call "home" but we had a fantastic time!!  It was boiling hot and my right shoulder was super sore the day following from schlepping around all of my goodies as well as the ridiculous amount of water I brought for us all (Note: locating semi-sanitary toilets in a Turkish market is an adventure in itself. Not impossible though!) but neither were something a proper durum and coming home to the pool couldn't fix!

We drove into Manavgat market via taxi and oh my goodness, our trip advisor/guide (who we'd been briefed by after our arrival) was spot on when she told us that, "They drive really badly down here...but they're very good at driving very badly!"  It's no wonder considering boys that can't be older than 10 are riding around on motorbikes sans-helmets...they start early!  Most of them are probably already better drivers than me (not that it takes a lot) ;)

My main goal was achieved: stock up on copious amounts of beautiful Turkish Pashminas!! The second, to locate some gifts to bring home for the family, was also perfectly achieved as well :)  The only thing I really wanted to bring back from Turkey apart from those two things was some new rings.  Although I didn't find any of interest (or authenticity for that matter) at the market, one of the shops in our hotel was extremely tempting...stay tuned for the outcome on that all-lady excursion ;)

I got five new pashminas this time around--two black, one beautiful forest green, a light pink, and a combination of navy blues and gold.  I brought a mixed brown toned/metallic one  home for my grandmother, some white nougat and pomegranate (YUM) nougat for my Morfar, two pairs of Turkish market pants for Lina (due to her adoration for her unique pants she purchased at a market while in Peru), a casual, light, black and off-white oversized dress and a beautiful red and silver embellished dress for Mama, as well as some citrus salt, and last, but not least, a box of Turkish spices and a box of Turkish teas for Daddy.


I wish there were more single-coloured Pashminas...I would have cleared that place out!! Guess I'll just have to come back again sometime soon ;)


"I'm hungry."


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